Some of my latest drawings
Yes, I've been lazy this year so far...
This year started really down for me, I went on several issues that took me down emotionally.

What I think most of the time is that if it wasn't for all the friends and loving family members that stood close to me, I couldn't have realized that I was not alone at all and that I am strong enough to overcome hard times and situations.

I think everything happens for a reason, even in the hardest moment I was thinking "I'll be fine in 3 months..." and kept telling that myself all that time, so when I realized, those 3 months went by and I was happier and stronger, mucho more committed with my own life, I could finally feel grateful of being alive and right in this place and time.

I went back home, every day after work, and was in peace. I got to my lovely home, which I finally felt as it. I even started to cook, I went back to paint a couple of times, I sewed, I started to learn to give and receive with a much more open mind, and all of that, even if there was a couple of hard days, I could do anything with lesser pressure than anytime in my life, and most of all I could feel emotionally independent for the 1st time in my life.

So, maybe there's no much to show of all this process that I'm going through, but here there are a couple of works that I'm really proud of.

Hope you like it.