A Trip to Ooty
Ooty, officially known as Udagamandalam, is a hill station located in Tamil Nadu. Originally occupied by the Todas, the area came under the rule of the East India Company at the end of 18th Century.

Visited Ooty with my colleagues and here's a travelogue, with pictures through my camera.

Hope you enjoy the e-visit, as much as I enjoyed my trip.
A building we came across while walking down the road, looking for a restaurant called Sidewalk Cafe.
This is how we make Tea in Ooty. Little utensils containing water and milk and
heated in an even bigger utensil containing lots of water..

This was also our morning breakfast joint in Ooty.
The City Roads
Tibetan Kid in Ooty.. A very pretty girl, and not to mention, quite shy too. I managed to just click two pics of her.
This one made it to the Internet :)
We got some fresh carrots for meal after break fast... By the way, buying fresh carrots is
one of things to do on the Lonely Planet Ooty Guide :)
Dogs.. Quite in Sync :)
Among the only survivors from the Toda Tribes, the original residents of Ooty.
Toda Temple
Moss on the Rocks
Sanea, the elder sister I never had. We, of course, are colleagues and she joined the office a month before I did.. :)

Sanea is among the only people my age who can tell me what to wear, what to do with my life, talk nonsense, go shopping, motivate me to "study" and shout at me for wearing the Superman Shirt cos it has shrunk.. :D

We love scaring people.. Its like a hobby
Khushalee, a rather quiet colleague, or may be she too is scared of me :D
Jungle on our way to the top of the hills.. 
Reaching out to the Sky.. 
A Tree.. Dried one, that
Rain hitting the window, made for a pretty picture.. Clicked from inside a moving car.. 
Spider's Web hidden in between the fence
Tea Plantations and the fog
Chopped wood lying outside the Tea Factory, waiting to be burned.. 
Bud and a Flower in full bloom at Ooty Botanical Garden
One of the prettiest flowers in the oh-so-huge Ooty Botanical Garden.
A Flower.. This one I spot in Bali too.. Was quite surprised to find one in India.
Nature's Geometry
White Blossoms.. !
The Flower which took my heart away.... :)