Anthon B Nilsen (ABN) is a Norwegian company that works with development and management of commercial properties and provision of private education. ABN also work with global trading with building materials and recovered paper. ABN focus on growth through a thorough process. The business’ core values are creative zest, long term focus, thoroughness and integrity.
We made ABN’s Annual Report for 2013. The main subject for the annual report was the forthcoming
merge of the three ABN-owned schools: Westerdals, NISS (Nordic Institute of Stage and Studio) and NITH
(The Norwegian School of IT). Together forming a new and innovative education platform, an unique school focusing on the combination of arts and technology. 
We wanted to display ABN visions by developing a visual universe throughout the annual report where we entered ABN’s core values. We used hand drawn illustrations and digital shapes combined in a futuristic
layout to symbolize ABN’s inventiveness and ideas for the future.
Illustrations: Christina Magnussen at byHands.