Wikly-A weekly Calendar for the iPad.
✔ SIMPLE: we want Wikly to be really really really simple. Distinctive touch gestures like tap-and-drag to create events, three-finger-swiping to next week, drag-and-drop events and other small touches made simple possible. 

✔ COLORFUL: calendars don’t have to be ugly. That’s why you can easily change the way Wikly look at the press of a button (over 20 color schemes included and more to be added).

✔ USEFUL: we said the app is simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s useless. Far from that. Wikly gives you an integrated to-do list, handy for those out-of-no-where tasks, don’t you think?

✔ SYNC: Wikly syncs with the default calendar app on the iPad. If you have Google Calendar set up there, it will work with Wikly too!

Website: http://www.wikly.me

"A really nice visual representation of the iPad calendar, which is essentially what you also see on your other iOS devices."
-Appshoper- www.appshopper.com

"Very beautiful, colorful, gorgeous if you like, then the interface must not miss this app."
-Youapp- www.youapp.cn

"When I saw this app I couldn't pass it up. WOW-THE COLORS!"

"I'm an artist, this is visual, it is just what I needed!"

"This app is beautifully designed. and not just beautiful, but also super easy to use."

Wikly-A weekly Calendar for the iPad.