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    The Caution Children (USA) CD album art
The Caution Children 
 "Unknown Lands" CD
Artist: The Caution Children 
Title: Unknown Lands 
Format: CD 
Edition: 300 copies / The first 15 copies with limited cover of demo version 
Catalogue Number: TJP-016 
Release Date: 29.06.2011 
Price: ¥1,470 (tax-in)
Info: The second full-length of one of the best screamo/post-rock band The Caution Children in Jacksonville/Orange Park, FL, USA. Recorded and mixed by Mike York (Gr. Pianos Become The Teeth), Mastered by Carl Saff at Carl Saff Mastering (Pianos Become The Teeth, Kidcrash, Touche Amore, Sed Non Satiata, 12XU "ex-Daitro", Young Widows, Castevet), Art Direction & Designed by Taufek Asmarak (OB15/TOKYO JUPITER), Lyrics translated by Shun.W (The Black Heart Rebellion, Kingdom, Seila Chiara).

1. Reference To Ayers Rock 
2. Cahuachi 
3. The Man Behind El Bulli 
4. Thank You For Nothing 
5. Voynich Manuscript 
6. Strange One, Mysterious One 
7. Could He Avoid Dying? 
8. The Five Genders 
9. Resort Town Of Yashima 
10. Kowloon Walled City