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Daniel Hu Interior|Echoes of Solitude

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空間本身變成體感媒介,居住者透過它來感知生活的流轉,體悟「應無所住而生其心」的禪意。牆面採用膚色礦物漆,象徵著人體。設計師提到:「藉由每個甦醒清晨隨機推開的門扇,為打開生活空間帶來儀式感。人與物倆倆相照,勤撫拭,明鏡見心。」—— 「侘寂鎏金」不僅是一個設計概念,更是一種生活態度,對於物與心靈的映照和反思,並讓人在靜謐中,體會生命深處澎湃的之處。

Within the residential space, the designer draws inspiration from profound Eastern philosophy, sculpting a habitat brimming with poetic sensibility and philosophical thought. "Wabi-sabi" here signifies a personal joy found in solitude within one's home, embodying a serene contemplation. The abode is designed as a barrier-free open space, with a central tea room connecting the spirit of the home. Storage and functional elements are cleverly concealed within, while movable wall panels offer the flexibility to reshape spaces according to the resident's usage and mood  more story on HeyCheese.com
Daniel Hu Interior|Echoes of Solitude