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    We are only capable to see a tiny fraction of the wide range of light phenomenons. Imagine all that we can't see!
Octavas de Luz  
Light Octaves
The text reads this:

We only see one light octave out of 42, Imagine all that we can't see!

The concept is this, if you could divide light into octaves (like in a piano DO RE MI FA SOL LA SI DO) the range of phenomenons that ocurr within the light (gamma rays, visible light, ultra-violet light, cosmic rays, radio waves, etc) it would be divided into 63 octaves. I know there says 43 but in my last research I found that the correct number is 63, but since I did this some years ago I cant find the PSD file to correct that.

Anyway... we see only one light octave which is divided in the seven colors of our visible light range, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet, with that said... now Imagine (if possible) how many things we are missing, how many things are there and we can't see!...yet :), how wonderful is the universe that reveals some misteries to tell you that there are other hidden, awaiting for you to reveal them.