This is the logo that I use as a brand for my illustration work. I regularly change the colors, because it makes it keeps it fun, interesting, and up-to-date, yet still recognizable. 
Here is version of the logo, for Spring 2010
I change the colors of the logo according to the fashion season. Most of the use is online and is fairly easy to update. As far as printed versions it only is used on business cards, that are printed in smaller print runs, and are also updated regularly fairly easily. It is knowingly not something that is usually done with logos, and business cards,.. but sometimes, being different is good.
This is the current one for Fall 2012. It follows trend forecasting for the colors of the Fall 2012 Fashion Season.
This is the one from 2013.
This one for Spring 2014.
And, this one is the current one for Spring 2016. She became a brunette.