Tecatinol's products detail page & image create


Centellian24 Tecatinol's products are designed with neat and modern lines, and the elegant purple packaging builds the brand's unique image. Toner and ampoule are products that are focused on improving healthy beauty by giving the skin elasticity and nourishment. Cica ingredients help the skin's natural resilience, and all products have specialized images of the product's health and quality.
This is an example of creating various images of Centellian24 Tecatinol
products according to the concept and using them in various types.
We aimed to convey our strengths well as the main point-specific image of Centellian24 Tecatinol products.
Centellian24's latest line of cosmetics is geared towards modern consumers seeking timeless beauty. The purple packaging highlights the uniqueness and mystery of the product, and the Cica ingredient symbolizes its effectiveness in soothing and restoring the skin. Specialized and reliable image building is included in the detailed page and reflected in the design in all visual materials that are exposed.
Tecatinol's products detail page & image create