A research project about the terminal train station in Rio de Janeiro, the project concerns about the movement inside the station, how it is oriented in this super crowded space and how to get the circulation there better. The work is observation-oriented, it was four months of
– Field research
– Observation drawing
– Conversation with users of the transport system
– Mapping of the flow, services and physical barriers that influence the space
– Experiments with users
– Compilation and data analysis of the collected information
The final result was two panels that were exposed at the seminar Entremeios: Creative practices and democracy with citizen participation, and a report with all the contents of the research
Made in partnership with Ignez Carioca e Luana Medeiros
Train lines
Experiments with users
View inside the tower of the clock of the station
City view in the Clock's tower
Train lines
Services Map
Phisical barriers Map
Flow Map
Inside Train view