The Weirdest Words ABC
Each letter has a name and each name has a meaning.
We are all mad, we all have problems and weirdness is in our nature.
This is the ABC of the weirdest words I have ever known.
A is for: Alamagoozlum.
B is for: Banshee
C is for: Cthulhu.
D if for: Dactylonomy The art of counting with fingers. Used for humans when we were real.
E is for: Esurience. Overwhelming desire for more. 
F is for Friday but also for: Fimbriated. ''Having a border of hairs".
G is for: Galanthophile  "An enthusiastic collector of snowdrops (Galanthus species)"
H is for: Hebesphenomegacorona "A polyhedron, a solid figure with flat faces, specifically an
irregular one with 21 faces."
As the ocean and the sand collide goes the ' i ' for: Interrobang !?
"A combination of an exclamation mark and a question mark".
J is for: I thought #yolo and drank "Jollop".
"A liquid medicine of some sort, particularly cough syrup or a laxative."
K is for : Katzenjammer. "Usually used as a term for hangover " #k #katzenjammer
L is for : Lipogrammatist. "A lipogram is a text composition which contains almost all the letters of the alphabet, leaving a single one out. A Lipogrammatist is the person who compose the text"
M is for: Mastigophorous. "A Mastigophore is a organism that carries a whip".
N is for: Nychthemeron "A day and a night, a period of 24 hours"
Ñ es por: Ñame "Es el nombre de plantas con tubérculos comestibles del género dioscorea". #wikipedia También comúnmente utilizada para nombrar a personas que no sirven pa' na', no hacen na' y no saben na'.
O is for : Omphaloskepsis "Is contemplation of one's navel as an aid to meditation." #wikipedia #weird"
Obsesión de verse su propio ombligo, adquirido muchas veces desde pequeños por simple curiosidad o por hábito al meditar"
P is for: Pulchritudinous is in the eye of the beholder. "It means beautiful/beauty"
Q is for: Quockerwodger "A wooden puppet whose legs and arms were connected only loosely to its body.
R is for: Rhinotillexomania "Means picking one's nose" Todos lo hacen y pocos lo admiten. 
S is for: Supernaculum
 "Acción de voltear la copa o vaso de una bebida luego de ser tomada, usualmente realizada en bares británicos en los 1500's"
Tonight's creepiest T is for : Triskaidekaphobia "Fear of number 13"
U is for: Unipedal "It means standing in one leg, like flamingos" // A pesar de parecer una palabra común, no suele utilizarse con frecuencia y no aparece en todos los diccionarios.
V es por: Valetudinario "Aquellas personas que excesivamente se preocupan por su salud y que a diferencia del hipocondríaco, toman medicamentos para evitar cualquier enfermedad"
W is for: Wobbegong 
"Is the common name given to the 12 species of carpet sharks in the family Orectolobidae." // "Es una especie de tiburón que habita en aguas templadas y cálidas"
X is for: Xenoglossy
"The ability to speak a language without having learned it"
Y is for: Yaffingale "A green woodpecker" // "Un tipo de pájaro carpintero verde"
And finally... Z is for: Zalambdodont "Having teeth with two ridges that meet at an angle"
The Weirdest Words ABC

The Weirdest Words ABC

This is the ABC of the weirdest words I have ever known. You can also see the entire project on Instagram. Look for the hashtags: #theweirdest Read more
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