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    Soft Sculpture of a Cotton Bud on monstrous proportions
Group Assignment at college, had to create a largescale soft sculpture i.e. using only soft materials and filling with again something soft was real fun. It's a cotton bud/swap/q-tip whatever you want to call it if you haven't figured it out yet! It's got a cover of plain cotton cloth with just cotton placed on the ends. It's filled with ahem two deceased cushions and is approximately 6 foot and 3 inches long. Imagine an ear that big!
I've placed my mobile here to kinda give you a hint of the size we're looking at ;) Love my Ericsson!
And of course being the gross folk we are we just HAD to do this! As much as I wanted to go around the college with a cup asking for ear wax donations I wasn't allowed to due to perhaps securtity reasons so we had to do with a mixture of oil paints, oils and of course... mud!

Worked out nicely I'd have to say!