Zushi Logo Redesign
University Rebranding Project
For one of our second year projects in University, we were asked to choose a company to redesign their logo. We were told to approach the company and ask for permission beforehand.
I chose the sushi restaurant, Zushi, which is in the centre of Cardiff. When I spoke to the company I found out that they wanted a logo that didn't concentrate solely on sushi, as they were also a Japanese restaurant. I decided to make something very simple, but effective.
As the company was more than sushi, I decided to use the U of Zushi as a bowl and added a pair of chopsticks to it. The chopsticks reminded me of the lines on the Japanese rising sun, so I turned them red, which added a good contrast between the chopsticks and the word zushi. Underneath I added the words 'Japanese cuisine' in the font caviar dreams and made that red too.
Next, I decided to redesign theirr menus. The menus they use at the moment are quite hard to understand, so I wanted to design something that was easy to follow.
Firstly I designed the Sushi and conveyor belt menu. I decided to keep the colour coded system they used, as I thought this was a good way of pricing the dishes, but I made the colours much brighter and ones that would stand out. I then added all the information in the font Caviar dreams, because I think this font is easy to read and very professional looking.
With the hot menu, I decided to keep it to the same kind of design as the sushi menu, by using easy to read text and prices.
The restaurant had around 6 flyers and posters, with their different offers on, so I decided to put them all onto one easy to read flyer and added the coloured circles (that were used on the sushi menu) to make it look more interesting and eye-catching.
I showed these designs to the company, and they liked them and decided to take on some of my ideas. They also asked me to design a poster for them, to be displayed in the restaurant.