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    Rebranding of ILT to complement change in strategic business direction.
ILT UPDATES - EDM Issue 1, 19 March 2014 [Copy]

Message from the President 
Dear valued partners, thank you for your continuous support over the past years. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce ILT once again, in particular, the new strategic direction for the company so that we can continue to serve you better. 
ILT became part of the Essilor family in 2007 and it has continued to grow and prosper despite challenges and an increasingly competitive environment. It is my pleasure to inform you today that we have worked hard over the past 12 months to fully integrate our manufacturing plant with our head office. The system that is now in place positions ILT as a major manufacturer and I am confident that this will bring benefits to you, be it in quality, products or services. 
After years of operations, it is time to bring the ILT group to the next level and I would like to establish that ILT is now a One-Stop Business Solution, focused on quality, service, innovation and people. This will provide our partners with the support they need to develop their businesses. We are investing resources into product development, service support and marketing initiatives. As an integrated facility, ILT can maximise our operational, marketing and service synergies to deliver consistency in quality, removing the need for resellers, 
distributors or wholesalers. 
I am confident that this will prepare us to fully supply you with all your product needs with the best quality by international standards. Our mission is to nurture partnerships to bring real value and satisfaction to the people who use our products and services. With a renewed focus on innovation and quality, ILT will create powerful and passionate customer experiences. 
To conclude, I would like to emphasise that catching the pace of a changing era is not merely a slogan, but an attitude, ability and commitment for every member of the ILT family. 
The Manufacturer of Choice 
ILT has completed extensive work and significantly upgraded our manufacturing facilities. With a team of production experts in place, ILT can oversee and control the entire manufacturing process, to consistently deliver lenses of the highest quality. 
The Process  
1. Polymerization
2. Cleaning 
3. Hardcoat
4. Inspection
5. Scratch test
The Vision of Quality 
To complement the new strategic direction of ILT, we have refreshed our corporate identity. Red is not only eye-catching but also symbolises the vibrant future ahead for ILT. It inspires confidence in our brand and demonstrates a dedication to service. A contemporary typeface  represents our commitment to constant innovation. The overall character of the new ILT logo exudes professionalism, approachability and trustworthiness. 
Inspired by lenses that are our core products, the dual circles represent the valuable partnerships that ILT forges with customers and stakeholders, both internally and externally. ILT is at the centre, embodying our core values and integrating all efforts to become a One-Stop Business Solution for our partners.
The essence of ILT lies in our four core values. Quality is ensured throughout the entire supply chain and kept consistent from manufacturing to service delivery. Service is felt at every touchpoint because ILT is present from the manufacturing to product delivery, constantly providing convenience, efficiency and responsiveness. Innovation allows us to adapt quickly to developments and changes in the optical industry to deliver trusted brand choices and ophthalmic alternatives of international standards. People are our assets and customers. Every member of the ILT family is committed to creating meaningful customer experiences with our valued partners. 
Moving Forward 
ILT is committed to offering more trusted brand choices, providing alternatives of the highest 
quality in the ophthalmic market. We will keep you in the loop with the latest product 
innovations from ILT in the following issues of ILT UPDATES.

The company has and will continue to evolve to meet the product needs of our partners and 
their businesses, ensuring sustainable growth and benefits for all who work with us. ILT 
sincerely thanks all our partners for your continued support and we look forward to working 
together in the near future.


Tagline: Better vision in every light 

It is inevitable that our eyes are exposed to UV rays, which are present even indoors, not just under the sun. UV exposure could cause mild problems such as eye fatigue and discomfort. Unprotected exposure to UV rays over time could lead to more permanent problems such as chronic damage to the cornea and cataract. 
The solution? Photochromic lens. 
What is a Photochromic lens? 
• Automatic self-tinting lenses that block out UV rays 
• Not restricted to just sunny conditions unlike sunglasses 
• Suitable for indoor and outdoor wear 
• Prevents harmful effects that UV rays can cause to our eyes and vision 
Introducing vGarde
An enhanced photochromic lens from Integrated Lens Technology, manufactured specifically to cater to changing UV conditions with our own Rechromic technology. 
How is vGarde different? 
1. Accelerated fade-out response
• With breakthrough RechromicTM technology, thermal molecules react more quickly and constantly. 
• Fade-out is 20% faster* than other photochromic lenses – within the first 10 seconds of light change. 
• Manufactured in both high and mid-index. 
2. Multi-angle activation 
• Allowing true-to-nature vision whichever way you look. 
• Fade-out is triggered with the slightest exposure to UV rays from any angle.
• Optical definition and depth perception are not compromised but enhanced. 
3. Protection within seconds
• vGarde lenses darken to maximum tint within 60 seconds. 
• Optimum UV protection is assured. 
• Active Rechromic molecules are activated immediately to provide protective tinting at the slightest UV exposure 
Why vGarde? 
vGarde lens adapts to our environment as our eyes do naturally to light, offering maximum comfort and convenience as we go about our daily activities. The adaptive self-tinting Rechromic technology provides wearers with a degree of tinting that is comfortable in any setting. Protecting as it reacts without compromising on clarity of vision, vGarde is the everyday lens for every lifestyle.
Available Range
Colours: Brown, Gray 
Finish: Finished, Semi-finished 
Index: 1.56, 1.60 
Type: Single vision, bifocal, progressive (RX customised) 
• Anyone, even those who do not need their vision corrected 
• No age limitations, suitable for young and old 
• For everyday wear 
• Responsive to UV change – stays clear indoors, darkens outdoors 
• Anywhere

*Based on results from the Integrated Lens Technology Optical Performance Test 2014 which tested vGardeTM against other leading photochromic lens brands.