Stena Humidifier

Industrial Design

Arkitek is a heated humidifier designed for the home appliance brand Stena. Inspired by the refined solidity of architecture, we especially wanted to capture the beauty of geometric columns that support the roof of traditional Korean houses. Through the use of precisely minimal and bold lines, the design presents a humble yet strongly reliable character. While naturally blending into home interiors, it also acts as an iconic aesthetic object of interior decor.

The main aesthetic detail of architectural columns function as a comfortable way to turn the lid and also acts as a natural visual guide for the lid alignment. Through close collaboration with mechanical engineers, visible parting lines on the exterior have been minimized to create a solid and premium presence. Additionally, the tolerance between the lid and the body has been reduced to create the satisfying feeling of precise assembly. Its seamlessly installed unlock button that doubles as the handle, gently engraved logo and indicators, and cleanly organized square vent hole details all add to the aesthetic of a single solid object.

Project / Arkitek
Client / Stena
Category / Heated humidifier
Date / 2023

Stena Humidifier