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Onetwo, Sustainable Refrigerator for Gen Z
Onetwo is a refrigerator that helps Gen Z embrace a sustainable dining culture in an easy and appealing manner. 
While Gen Z appreciates sustainable dining practices, factors such as an overly packed fridge or unacknowledged efforts demotivate them. They prioritize actions driven by personal interest over obligatory sustainability. Onetwo suggests 'easy & cool sustainable dining'—something they 'want to do' rather than 'have to do'.

Rethinking Food Consumption
We've long pursued larger fridges, storing excess food, only to waste most of it. Despite halving food waste cutting emissions by 11%, we're in an era of buying appliances for discarded food. This paradoxical waste is a core environmental issue. It's time for a new culinary culture consuming just what we need.

Are you interested in sustainable dining?
- Nine out of ten people are interested as usual.

Are you practicing sustainable dining?
- Less than one person out of ten responded as not interested.

To practice sustainable behaviors, it is most convenient and enjoyable to naturally incorporate them into our daily lives, such as a sustainable dining culture. Gen Z individuals, too, tend to appreciate and engage in sustainable dining practices. However, certain factors can demotivate them, such as an overly packed refrigerator or engaging in sustainable actions without acknowledgment.

Also, Gen Z prioritizes actions based on personal interest rather than obligatory sustainability. Therefore, we propose “Onetwo,” a brand promoting 'easy & cool sustainable dining' that they genuinely “want to do” rather than “have to do”.

Onetwo, New Food Station for Generation Z
Onetwo introduces the concept of a 'Food Station,' emphasizing the swift and brief moment of the foods' stay. It features a designated 'Meal Prep' compartment, where 'Meal Prep' refers to a food storage container delivered through an app, allowing users to receive only the necessary ingredients for their planned meals. This prevents the refrigerator from being overly packed with ingredients, promoting a new approach to sustainability.

Food Station
The Onetwo refrigerator, also referred to as the Food Station, features strap handles on the front for easy and appealing interaction. Inside the station, there is a Meal Prep section on the right, where Meal Prep containers can be inserted, a regular refrigerated section on the left, and a freezer compartment at the bottom left. The station is designed in a size suitable for single-person households.

Easy & Attractive Usage
The usage of Onetwo is designed with a pull-strap mechanism instead of traditional handles to open the door. Additionally, extracting the Meal Prep is made easy by sliding it out effortlessly. The intentional design goes beyond simply opening the refrigerator, aiming to make the interaction appealing. The strap feature is specifically designed with Gen Z in mind, offering an affordable customization factor.

Onetwo has a double-sided door that can be opened from both the front and back,
allowing users to easily access items positioned at the back, which were hard to reach before.

Meal Prep
Available for purchase on the Onetwo app, Meal Prep is a food container that delivers only the amount of ingredients needed for a meal, ready to be inserted directly into the Meal Prep section.

# Scenario 1: Storing just the right amount of ingredients you need!
Now you don't have to buy unnecessary amounts of ingredients. Purchase just enough ingredients for a single meal, conveniently portioned via the market. Store the delivered ingredient package directly in the Station. When cooking, simply take out the package, avoiding any mess in your space.

1. Browse Plates, Cast Your Vote!
If you're unsure what to eat each day, take a peek at your friends' plates! See something delicious? Show your support by voting for it. When a dish receives enough votes, it becomes an official menu item. This approach helps us minimize food waste by preparing only what's needed. Together, we're not just enhancing user experience but also making a positive impact on reducing food waste.

2. Place Your Order!
Has your desired dish been selected as today's special? If so, don't hesitate to place your order now. Don't worry if there are ingredients you don't like - you can customize your order by excluding them. Let Onetwo help reduce food waste by minimizing leftover ingredients.

3. Receive Your Delivery!
Your ordered meal prep is packaged in reusable containers and delivered straight to your doorstep.

4. Simplify Your Experience!
Have you ever been surprised by the excess packaging when receiving eco-friendly food deliveries? We certainly don't want to generate more household waste than necessary to reduce food waste. Experience the 'right' way with our package-free meal prep. Just plug into our Station, where we welcome meal preps without packaging.

5. Get Cooking!
Retrieve the precisely portioned ingredients from the Station and start cooking right away. With recipes shared by plate creators, you can easily whip up your meal.

#Scenario 2: Show off your sustainable eating habits
Do you find it challenging to sustainably maintain your diet due to a lack of personal motivation, despite your interest in sustainable eating habits? With Onetwo, anyone can become a plate creator, showcasing their healthy meals and even earning income through meal content. From grocery shopping to cooking, having a Station to proudly display every step of the process at home is truly wonderful!

1. Customize My Plate
Even if you're not satisfied with the photos of your carefully crafted dishes, don't worry. With the photo editor's filter feature, you can transform any plate photo into into an appetizing picture.

2. Add Ingredients to Your Content
Just like sending a message to a friend, simply input your recipe. Based on your input, you can easily create a recipe with recommended ingredient tags.

3. Customize Your Strap!
Congratulations! Your shared plate has gained popularity and been selected as a featured menu item. As the chosen creator, you'll receive a reward in the form of a Station strap. Customize your Station strap with patterns that match your style, not only adding a personal touch to your Station but also applying your unique pattern to the meal prep package, offering a special experience to the ordering users.

4. Add Your Own Style to Your Station!
Once your strap arrives, it's time to customize your Station! Show off your unique taste and make your Station even cooler. The more straps you collect, the more your healthy preferences will stand out!

5. Receiving Rewards
As a creator whose menu has been selected, you not only receive straps but also a certain percentage of the sales revenue as a reward. These rewards aim to attract more creators by increasing the quantity of effective content while maintaining diversity, providing users with a wide range of content to enjoy.

Movable fridge
Onetwo allows users to easily move their refrigerator to their desired location. This feature transforms it from a conventional appliance always against the wall to a four-sided visible interior piece of furniture, embodying the concept of 'Forward appliances.' It is particularly advantageous for single-person households within limited spaces, enabling flexible arrangements.

Define your own space
Designed for individuals in small households, Onetwo provides the flexibility to separate compact spaces and define the user’s own space. The front side, utilizing every compartment, can be used as a cooking space, while the back section, with only the back door of the refrigerator compartment opening, can be used as a casual space.

Users featured with their recipes through the Onetwo app are rewarded with customizable straps, allowing them to personalize their refrigerators with various moods.

2023 Samsung Design Membership M.E.P

2023 Samsung Design Membership M.E.P

29 ID Hyungwoo Lee(PL)
30 UX Hyerhyn Park
31 ID Seokoo Yeo
31 ID Haeri Ryoo
31 UX Seryeong Hong