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Busan - Busan Metropolitan city
Busan, Located on the southeastern tip of the Koreanpeninsula. The city is adjacent to South Gyeongsangprovince and facing the Korea Strait to the south. Itborders Ulsan metropolitan city and Yangsan city to thenorth and Kimhae city lies to the west. Among the citieslocated on the similar latitude to Busan are Tokyo inJapan, Zhongshan in China, Algiers in Algeria andOklahoma city in the U.S. Busan shares the similarlongitude with Verkhoansk in Siberia, Nagasaki inJapan and Darwin in Australia. 

This is an international ideas competition to establish a design for the Busan Opera House to start toconstruct in 2014 (expected). The design will be based on a variety of ideas from both domestic andforeign specialists, as well as student groups. The opera house will include a variety of facilities thatwill foster a wide range of artistic activities all the while being accessible to the city’s citizens. Thegrand scale of this project will be suitable for Busan's status as an international city. 

Busan opera house plaza
A new cultural facility in busan, south korea. featuring an oscillating roof line, the design consists of three 'peaks' - the opera house, multipurpose hall, cafe & library zone - that are connected by a form that references the surrounding mountain landscape. 
illustration: 'opera birds' by AORTA
Drawing from the concept of tree dancing bird, the building forms a ring around an outdoor plaza that provides an open and public domain for socializing and idea exchange. 
the heights of the peaks have been determined by the principle program housed within, ensuring an optimal and suitable atmosphere through vertical openness. the interior circulation is provided by ramps, establishing a naturally flowing route throughout the complex. 

situated on the sea front of busan, the curved form aim to establish a visually-arresting identity on the site. the skin of the exterior surface will change its hues and colors to amplify the architecture's curvature while maintaining a dynamic aesthetic. 
evolution and schematic diagram 
The target is to merge the exterior with the interior, to make the visitor travel from the work world to the entertainment and culture world. The form is a combination of 3 buildings in one body surrounding the main plaza that mixes the spirit (the main hall) and the entertainment (multipurpose) and recreation (library & restaurant) in one place adding the city skyline view to the privacy of the place.
(top) 3D model
(bottom) section through site
The project is a symbolic building on the sea front of Busan. The idea is to make a building that attracts the eye and makes one feel interested to visit it, as the white color in the morning is so recognized beside the surrounding skyscrapers, and the lights by night gives it a unique appearance on the sea front.
Colour schemes
Structure and Colors
Structure is space truss depending on the curvature of the form so the weight of building is distributed to the ground. The skin of the form changes its color and because of the curvature, it gives a gradient with different hues.
The main entrance comes from the pedestrian bridge directly to the center of the project inside the plaza, so it is easy to know the direction and places in the building because of the shape, size and facade.

Architect's sketch