WIM wearable mobility


WIM is a mobility assist wearable device developed with Wirobotics, a company made by engineers from Samsung Electronic’s robotics team. While existing mobility assist products are targeted for seniors with leg discomforts, our product was created with the concept of providing comfortable mobility of walking or running for younger consumers in their daily lives. Moving away from the typically medical aesthetics, we created a design language that feels more like a fashion accessory that younger consumers can easily connect with and allow the product to feel natural in a daily setting. Its ergonomics have been developed by refining the joints to be comfortable in any typical posture, and through a close collaboration with the mechanical engineers, we were able to make the product’s size slim and compact while improving its usability.
The product’s overall body is made of light weight plastic in an iconic color, while parts that require durability are made of aluminum, and parts that are in contact with the human body have soft fabrics and straps. The user’s experience in wearing and taking the product off has been designed to be convenient and simple by using spring loaded lock release buttons, magnets that automatically align the locks, and straps with velcro adjustments. Also, to improve portability and storing, the product has been designed to fold down into a compact size using hinges in its joints and sliding rail mechanism in the leg area. 

Project / WIM
Client / WIRobotics
Category / Wearable Mobility assist
Date / 2023


WIM wearable mobility