Wow, I thought Thinking Particles were amazing, but X-Particles are a like having a bugatti veyron next to modest family car that you have to build before you drive it somewhere. X-Particles are incrediably powerful and easy to use!
Starting frame
Wide shot
Close up frame
About this Project:
Simply a primitive cube as a child to a cloth surface, this gave it some thickness that helped with the bump and displacement texture and made the lighting work at the start of the scene. also bumped up the render time excessively!
X-Particles system, Emitter + Trails + Move Over Surface for the particles around the cube, another emitter and trails for the particles drifting away.
Cube texture is a Metal preset modified with animated and keyframes noise shader on the alpha  channel and an addition to displacement and subpolygon displacement (hello render time!)
X-Particles - hair textures on the trial objects.

Omni light inside the cube with volumetric illumination on
Omni light to backlight the cube (set to include the cube only)
Basic 3 point rig for parcels (set to exclude cube)

Nothing exciting, cube & emitters rotates using the HPB controls, emitters have the “Use Motion Inheritance” switched on. Animated noise on the alpha channel of the primitive cube.

Standard Renderer, Ambient Occlusion,
Just over 12 hours, average around 5min per frame. Crazy right! Due to the cloth surface and subpolygon displacement, but never mind, just left it running overnight. Without the cloth surface a frame would render in around

After Effects
Graded with levels
Real Smart Motion Blur
Sharpen + Glow
Objects: 39
Polygons: 62000 (All non editable)
Textures: 3
Lights: 5
Particles: 631
Render Time: 13:39:28
Took a new file and X-Particle system to get the motion inheritance to work, copied all the other objects and settings and then had no problems
Can’t get the X-Particle trails to be nice and rounded despite changing the spline type to bezier and setting a low angle
Render time a bit lame. Would have like to use physical renderer with some DOF.
Questions welcome...
After effects Before / After
Secondary Screen Layout, X-Particles emitter in attributes window
Cube Texture