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    Packaging concept
Goal was to develop bottle shapes and packaging for a series offragrances «Zen». The main objective was to emphasize the naturalness of thefragrances and to strengthen eastern meditative mood contained in the word Zen..


In order to meet the goal, we have decided to derive the idea ofbottle shapes from existing organic forms. The packaging concept of “ZEN” perfumes is thesynthesis of organic shape and perfume bottle. The organic shape is thedominant in this tandem, and a small piece of glass carries a functionalpurpose – to observe the level of the remaining liquid/perfume.

Tactile sensations are very important when the package is being held inhands. Smoothness of the glass fragments make the texture and density of theplastic packaging appear and feel very natural just like a real stone, bambooor a shell. The main objective of the packaging was to highlight the naturalcharacter of this line of perfumes and is fully consistent with the idea of ​​Zen – calmness, contemplation and natural beauty.

Outer cardboard packaging is deliberately made simple and ascetic,so when it’s opened the elegance of the natural shape of the bottles would beemphasized.

Materials and construction

Bottles are made up of two main parts - a glass container forperfume and an imitation of natural object, made ​​of textured plastic. Theplastic form is placed on the bottle and is sealed with glue, so they both forma single object. The texture and density of the plastic form mimics the lookand feel of a real natural material.
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