Things I struggle with: a) Doubts about the future.  b) Relationships. c) Self control.

Life can suck sometimes right? Food costs an arm plus a left leg, the government is dragging the economy out to the barn to shoot it in the face, you don't get along with your significant other, or you are desperate to find a better treatment for loneliness than jerking off to chaturbate at twelve in the morning.

Users of the Russian opioid 'Krokodil', will find themselves at odds with choosing between crippling withdrawal and watching their flesh rot away from their bones. And so it is that, struggles seem sometimes insurmountable, even ones that ultimately stem from within.

I sought to allegorize some of these struggles, as cinematic scenes of conflict between man and titanic creatures of legend.
Some quick and dirty lettering in GIMP.
Cleaned up in Illustrator.