Clarovideo is a VOD multi-device platform for latin american people.
In 2013 we started to redesign the web for multiples devices and migrate all the pages to HTML5 + CSS3 and iconfonts. This was the result.
Landing - Not-logged
Register form - Responsive
Register form - Desktop
Home - Logged
     Responsive menu bar
                      Special carousels - Mobile devices
Special carousels - Desktop
           Player in inactivity / Player in activity

The design team:
Design Chief: Emiliano Suarez.
Design Supervisor: Juan Rossi.
Designers: Diego Arena, Ramiro Conti, Mariana Ravicole, Carlos Coronel, Solange Kohler, Ana Palavecino, Camilo Calderón.

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Claro video - Web Responsive - Part 1