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    Design & Art Direction for SAVEMYDAY.com. Advertising campaign consisting of a 30s TVC, print ads and banners.
Identity & Branding
CLIENT: Metro International / SaveMyDay.com 
COMMISSIONED BY: Josep-Maria Nolla, Christian Quarles
AGENCY: Morris Pinewood Stockholm
DESIGNER: Hanna Moe, Mattias Frodlund
ART DIRECTOR: Hanna Moe, Mattias Frodlund
COPYWRITER: Simon Raffaghello
PHOTOGRAPHER: Hans Carlén / Bsmart
PRODUCER: Akram Janzi / Bsmart
SET DESIGN: Morris Pinewood Stockholm & DEKOFORM
DIRECTOR: Soheill Deriss, Daniel Lundh


SAVEMYDAY.com is an online service. The site presents daily premium offerings with 50 - 90% discount on specially selected items and services. By reaching a large number of customers SAVEMYDAY.com can reduce prices on premium products and services. SAVEMYDAY.com works on a very simple principle. If we can guarantee a seller more sales, they will lower their prices. And you can take advantage of discounts of up to 90% off.
For SAVEMYDAY.com, MPS developed a Branding Strategy, Brand Identity (colours, logos and typography) and an Advertising Concept. The design was built on the premise of a premium retail brand. With a core idea, inspired by 1960-style retail ads and a colour palette consisting of 4 clear and strong brand colours we wanted to create a brand that communicated "discounts" and "must haves". The design was built on the base of 4 different universe; magenta, orange, black and white, in a "duo-tone" landscape. The logotype uses the most simple symbol to communicate "offer" and "discount" – an exclamation mark. The campaign was created in collaboration with Bsmart in Stockholm and SNASK film.

SAVEMYDAY.com 30s TVC / Directed by Soheill Deriss & Daniel Lund at SNASK film, Stockholm
The Print Campaign / Photographer: Hans Carlén, Bsmart Stockholm