AFI Heroes
A Benefit Event Invitation
This project was created for AFI, a non-profit organization in Lakeland, Florida, as an invitation to their annual benefit event. The theme was heroes, and the organization asked for something generically super-hero-esque. For this project, I created the logo, as well as the layout of the invitation. The invitation itself was printed on a color laser copier by the organization, therefore, a white border was left around the artwork to allow for the copier's inability to create a bleed.
For the front of the invitation, I wanted to create the effect of a comic book page layout with overlapping boxes of information. Unlike a comic book, this invitation is text heavy, but the feeling is evoked.
One of the challenges of non-profit design is the incorporation of sponsors and logos into the layout. Thankfully, from a design standpoint, this event did not have very many, so I was able to carry the comic book panel layout onto the back of the card. Because I did this piece pro-bono, the organization graciously allowed me to include my contact information.