A new hotel in the historic centre of Athens with an eccentric personality and unconventional character

No Ordinary Story

Set in one of the oldest buildings in the heart of Athens, NΟΤ carries a long history passed down from generation to generation. Rumor has it that, moments before the Greek Revolution of 1821, a wealthy Turkish entrepreneur had bought the plot to turn it into a brothel, giving the complex its distinctive architecture composed of small units, protected from the outside, revolving around a central courtyard. 

Several decades later, it's carefully restored to reflect its cultural identity. NOT captures a sense of place that is now preserved mainly through books, oral histories, and films. While Athens is changing, NOT wished to become a city retreat that preserves the charm of the old Athenian neighborhoods that were once filled with the humbleness, desires, and dreams of the people that lived there, while adopting a modern-meets-the-past mentality. A hidden oasis tucked into glorious ruins and reconverted industrial derelicts, caught in this in-between space where past and future meet, NOT is a place for dreamers.​​​​​​​

The Brand Identity

​​​​​​​NOT's unconventional character is also echoed in its brand identity. Acts like a maverick challenging traditional hospitality norms. It sparks curiosity and prompts exploration.

The logo, serving as the cornerstone of the brand, commands attention with its contemporary design, exuding prestige, dynamism, and elegance. Drawing inspiration from CF Asty, we've designed a custom typeface, by inverted selected letters, enriching the distinct character of the brand.

No Ordinary Rooms & Suites

There is nothing ordinary about staying at NOT. That’s why, each of the 15 suites and 6 rooms has its own, individual design that gives guests the feeling that they are playing in a movie. The interiors are filled with photos and paintings by Greek artists, framed book covers and photos from theater pieces. The experience is the result of an artsy intention. Modern meets the past. Choose from an array of styles and colors, and enjoy views to the Acropolis, the Technopolis-Gazi, the swimming pool or the garden. 

Branding: AG Design Agency, Creative Direction: Alexandros Gavrilakis,
Hotel Concept, Architecture & Interior Design: Giannis Petropoulos, Art Direction: Anna Trympali
Copy: Eleni Tranouli, Photos: Yiorgos Kaplanidis, Coding: eight8

NOT Hotel Athens

NOT Hotel Athens