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My Pocket.
The cracker that wants to be in your pocket 
creates a pocket app.
Back in 2009, Tuc Crackers launched a pocket sized package 
filled with ambition: become the Apple brand of snacks 
with this iphonesque packaging. Whoa.

Tuc wanted to fit in the pockets of trendsetters. 
Our digital proposal for the European market tackled this goal literally, 
creating a digital pocket app that allowed you
to grab and share your digital life on the go.
This is how we presented it to the client.
Still frames
This was the result of a pitch we won for the European digital platform. 

My Pocket was presented and approved before Pinterest and
other apps with similar purposes were created.

Besides the UX issues that we see now, it was a nice idea that
was swept under the rug by the neverending approval
processes of international campaigns.