Mile Project
The focus of this project in graphic design 5 was to create directions over the span of a mile. There were 3 parts and each part had a stipulation to each. I chose my mile based on the area where John Adams and his son John Quincy Adams was born and buried. They were both within a mile of each other. The point of the project would be to get you from the birth site to the rest place of both John and his son John Quincy in Quincy Massachusetts.

The first part of the project could only use type. I remember walking the mile and seeing these historical areas and once I left these areas it was filled with colors and logos and I tried to recreate this with the branding and logo color along with typography. 

The second part of the project could only use image. So I went back and focused on the logos and color. I created a perspective of the logos on a plane. Creating a lot of depth in the actual space. You could would be able to identify with the cropped logos you see to get you to the burial site. 

The third part of the project could use both. I focused on a fold out that used type and image a lot of bright color that you could associate with the color that is blinding the city of Quincy today. The rich history that is in that town is wonderful but seems surrounded but all these corporate logos. 

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3