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Visual platform and print collateral - National Bank
National Bank: Visual platform – print collateral


The National Bank Financial Group (NBFG) wanted to review all of its printed collateral material. The objective was to create consistency across the board. The goal of NBFG was to create a visual platform that would inspire and secure the different clientele and position the group as a SMART BANK. They wanted to clearly articulate all communications messages.


The challenge was to develop a branding that would accommodate the different expertise and business units, a unified message that would work for the Quebec market, but also across Canada (bilingual market challenge). The new collateral visual platform also had to agree with the existing brand and main guidelines already defined.
To better understand the different expertise and business units that comprise the financial group, we created a detailed analysis: external and internal interviews, market analysis (trends, competition, etc). This exercise allowed us to highlight the leadership intentions,  mission and values of the different business units and thus to better express them through imagery and words. Each expertise was identified by a pictogram. Action verbs were used to name and understand each pictogram. Together, the pictogram and the chosen verb addressed specific needs. Titles were customized for each brochure, pamphlet, flyer, etc. These titles helped humanize the message and conveyed a sense of familiarity. The outcome, a conceptual visual platform that is simple, practical and elegant.
The new platform enables understanding of NBFG and their wide range of services. The bank’s image is now one that conveys accessibility and smart banking. Striking imagery that stands out from the competition, embraced by all employees, collaborators and clients alike
· Increased awareness of the six expertise defined by the bank’s marketing think tank
· Unity throughout all business units’ communications material
· Distinctive visual language
· Better understanding of the group’s expertise and services

Visual platform and print collateral - National Bank
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