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    Mixed-media works (2011-2009)
This is an excerpt. For a more complete selection of works please visit: www.yousefalshaikh.com
Now is a time for violent storm, and ceasing slumber.
I'm Done With You Mona.
Love Your Mind Invaders; They Will Tell You What To Think.
Love Your Mind Invaders; They Will Tell You What To Think. (close up)
المخ مش مهم
Revisiting "La Gioconda".
Revisiting "David with the Head of Goliath".
Hairy Love.
Paternalism and The Lack of Flight.
Collaboration with Ghadah Alkandari.
A False Flag and The Act of Following.
Where Were You When The Universe Was Born?
Where Were You When Life Was Born?
Omniimpotence. By Choice.
Lèse Majesté. (series)
Lèse Majesté. (series)
Lèse Majesté. (series)
Sigmund Knew Better.
Radiolucency of The Soul.
A Hyperreal Existence.
A Kingdom in Heaven and a Kingdom on Earth.
I Can No Longer See The Horizon.
فالتغرق حواء؟
The Macro Eye and The Electron.
A Tribute to 2001: A Space Odyssey. (series)
A Tribute to 2001: A Space Odyssey. (series)
"This." a series of miniature portraits.
"This." under a magnifier loupe.
An experiment done  using  Processing.
عباءةٌ سوداءْ. ـ
Ink, tea, cigarette residue, and fire.
Asparagus on The Face.
The Tethering of My Temple.
Making islands in the shower.
Landscape Generator.
Anguish xoxo.
Aut Caesar Aut Nihil.
Ramadan Kareem.
Love Is The Final Frontier.
Degradation of nformation. (series)
Degradation of nformation. (series)
نعيش أم نموت
Generative geometry.
Lover /Redeemer.
Distilled to The Essence.
Non Serviam.
Opiate 101.
Precessed By Hierarchy.
Revisiting a Rhapsody in Blue.
The  Unbirth of Gaya.
Dearest Fetus.
With Blazing Eyes and Vision Continuous.
Your Love.
Pocket notebook.
I, The Contagion. You, The Tempestuous.
Treason Hangs on The Necks.
Clayheads. (series)
The Evolution of Joe.
The Experimentalist.
Tribute To a Soldier.