promo illustrations for PRSA chapter
Marketing events for professional organizations usually starts with headshots of varying quality and little else. The goal for the Public Relations Society of America's Tampa Bay chapter was to create interest in the events using professional design to extend engagement.
St. Peteresburg's waterfront Dali Museum hosted a chapter function, and the striking architecture was the focal point of the artwork. Image was manipulated in Photoshop, final version was created in Illustrator.
The speaker's obvious sense of humor was the inspiration for this illustration that featured screen shot web site agency services blended into the umbrella. Water droplet custom brush provided a blue field that was a perfect background for the copy and type design.
This promotional special event included a direct mail component. Theme played off regional rivalries between Florida's major metro areas.
Annual Professional Development Day is the largest single chapter event of the year. Wide disparity in provided headshots meant finding a treatment to establish consistency.
This Professional Development Day highlighted the direct visual connection with the viewer. Consistency between the headshots furnished made this a successful tactic.
Illustrator was used to create the 3D ornament with the logo image mapped to the sphere. This promotion encouraged participation in the annual volunteer event at a local charity.
For the chapter's first Skype event, PR professionals in Baton Rouge and Seattle participated in a three-way conversation hosted in Tampa. I was also the speaker and moderator for the event, which also included a Prezi presentation that went considerably beyond the usual powerpoint top ten bullet list.