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opening steps - designXport - "Creative surprise"

Hamburg Hafencity - place of the designXport exhibition "Xhibition just one percent"

Exhibition / Film - designXport - Designzentrum Hamburg

The design center “designXport” is open since the beginning of July, 2014, in Hamburg’s HafenCity. 
14,000 designers work in small and large companies in Hamburg. 
An opening exhibition "Xhibition just one percent" presented as an ambassador 1% of Hamburg’s Design Scene = 140 works = 140 posters from 140 design offices.

Ank Blank Design Photo Management, Anka Blank, was invited and designed one poster which represents her design office: "Creative surprise - /"

designXport exhibition ”Xhibition just one percent”
Exhibition: 4. Juli – 23. August 2014

designXport exhibition "Xhibition just one percent"

my poster, design & photo by Anka Blank:
"Creative surprise - /" 

designXport exhibition - opening event and party - Anka Blank, July, 2014

... and an idea ... Film "steps in the opening - designXport" ...

... a film ...
A film with a recollection of the designXport opening evening, 3th of July, 2014, Hamburg. 

_photos & film by Anka Blank
_music by Javelin "Flutey Flakes"
This film can also be watched on the homepage of the designXport website ... 

opening steps - designXport - "Creative surprise"

opening steps - designXport - "Creative surprise"

designXport opening - An exhibition presented as an ambassador 1% of Hamburg’s Design Scene: ”Xhibition just one percent”.