Industrial Design

Golf Ball Pouch / 2024

This is an ATTOMAX brand golf ball pouch.

ATTOMAX is made of amorphous metal alloy and is a premium golf ball that dramatically improves the speed and distance to quickly convert impact energy into kinetic energy.

It has a dispenser function that allows you to quickly take the golf ball out of the pouch and use it during the game.
This pouch can be stored by extending the ball to two, three, or four, and fits exactly with the pouch depending on the number.

It can be expanded and contracted using screws, and the shape of these screws is an important feature of the design. And since the area of the point color varies depending on the length using the two separate colors, the user can intuitively check the number of golf balls.

-Borderless, Clear and Wit

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Designed by superkomma
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Concept & Identity / Storytelling / Product Design / Packaging Design