Synopsis: A German woman and her son Ludwig live in Poland, where her husband works at a “factory.” Their lives change after she meets a Jewish girl who grows strawberries, as big as a man’s fist. The play deals with the confrontation of blissful ignorance and a tragic personal intimacy.  

Synopsis: A modern tragedy inspired by the biblical story of Eli the High Priest of Shiloh and his corrupted sons. Price Tag follows the story of Hopni, a radical right winger who is in jail for executing a terrorist attack, and his father, Eli, a Senior Member of the Israeli Parliament. Price Tag was first performed in the Acre Theater Festival in 2013 and won Best New Play as well as Best Ensemble.

Synopsis: Love and its crushing disappointments are at the center of Hanoch Levin’s Make My Heart Flutter, a romantic comedy without the romance. Full of laughter and irony, the play touchingly portrays our desires, and our potentially missing out on life, without even knowing it.

Synopsis: “To be or not to be. That is not the question. The question is how to be.” A renowned stage diva is determined to cling on to life. She arrives at a clinic expecting treatment, but nothing can prepare her for the other patients in the ward. Their startling experiences give her an unexpected, life-changing insight…

Synopsis: In the summer of 1988, a horrifying rape was perpetrated on Kibbutz Shomrat in northern Israel. This shocking true story serves as the foundation for one of the best known and most successful Israeli plays ever written. Emotionally charged, dramatic and chilling, it will leave you questioning your judgment.

Synopsis: Yoni runs away from school, from home, from himself. In this moving one-man play, Ben Yishai provides the audience an experience of what it’s like feeling like an outsider, feeling different, being differently-abled, yet, at the same time whole.

Synopsis: Fertile, a one-act monodrama based on a true story, deals with blurring the lines of gender identity. Fertile was born with a gift—she was born without a uterus. An inherited genetic abnormality makes her barren at birth. Throughout her life, she is marked by society and by herself as faulty and defective. At 26, following a romantic encounter with the man of her dreams, Fertile decides to reexamine the “broken” parts of her life, and sets on a journey of healing herself. Her journey makes her confront all sides of her femininity and her right to exist as a woman, despite her inability to fulfill the basic female mission, bringing children into the world.
Photo: Mike Ritter
Photo: Mike Ritter