Select school projects done at VCU for my Type and Image class.

The first project shown was to redesign a local, non-chain restaurant menu. I redesigned the menu for Strange Matter (good food, good service. Go there!).

The Second project shown was to take an article given to us, and set it up for a magazine. This meant one large image, and spot illustrations. I decided to make my numbers also function as the spot illustrations. The image is a master copy of Jacques-Louis David's 'Napoleon Crossing the Alps' done by myself in Photoshop. Some of the subjects of the article are embriodered into the black lapels to tie the image further into the article. The face was purposely make to look as if it'd been hastily taped over, as if the writer of the piece (that's not him, just a friend as a stand in) was super imposing himself on a famous emperor.