The Ascent - IEM Katowice 2024

BLUEREEL STUDIO presents our latest triumph - a 3D cinematic masterpiece for the Esports event led by ESL CS2 that was hosted in Katowice, Poland. With a month of production from our expert team of mocap animator, 3D artists, lighting experts, and level designers, we've seamlessly blended Unreal Engine and Blender to craft an immersive spectacle. Witness the evolution from concept to reality with our captivating before-and-after visuals. Let us transport you to the heart of the action.
In our quest to bring the characters of CS2 to life in our cinematic venture, we exported the in-game characters, carefully transitioning them into the MetaHuman Creator platform. Rigging their bodies for fluid movement, we matched clothing textures meticulously and enhanced the overall visual experience. Facial details played a pivotal role in adding depth and authenticity to our characters. By incorporating effects such as sweat and dirt, we injected a layer of realism that elevated the immersion for viewers. Furthermore, our utilization of asset from 3D Scanstore enriched our character roster. This meticulous process ensured lifelike characters that immerse viewers in the action.
For the teeth of our MetaHuman characters, we sought greater realism. The default appearance fell short, so we turned to subsurface scattering (SSS). Crafting a custom material tailored specifically for the teeth, we achieved a more believable look. This attention to detail enhances the overall realism of our characters, reflecting our commitment to pushing visual boundaries.
Our concept artist illustrated every stage of our story and environment, providing the blueprint for our project. These initial sketches guided us from imagination to reality, shaping our vision. With each stroke, clarity emerged, fueling our journey to bring these concepts to life.
We utilized a segment of the CS2 map model "Nuke" to maintain the game's essence. Using Houdini, we simulated a dynamic explosion, fracturing the tower realistically. The final shot was rendered in Blender, delivering a visually captivating conclusion to our project.
Thank you!
Client: ESL
Creative Director: Kama Hojibekov
Creative Producer: Ali Shirzad
CG Artists: Dmitry Koveshnikov, Chen Kanglin, Antoine Barbannaud, Kama Hojibekov, Alper Bağcı, Alex Pi
Lighting Artist: Xiaocong Yan
Concept Artist: Zhuoxin Wang
Modeling: Elia Pellegrini
Mocap Animation: Veselin Krstovski
Mocap Clean-up: Christin Joy
Character Rigging: Andrew Drobot
Blender / Character Shading: Dylan Donaldson
Color Grading & Sound Design: ESL
The Ascent - IEM Katowice 2024