Wiggler 804 is a part of the publication Palíndromo created by Rona Editora & Greco design, 
in partnership with collaborators from various fields, such as literature, photography, publicity, design, technology, and so on. The poem in this project was written by Santana Dardot.
THX 1138
directed by GEORGE LUCAS
Inspired by the film THX 1138, Wiggler 804 contemplates the dichotomies between man/machine, chance/control, randomness/predictability, bringing to the surface of the pages some metalinguistic strategies: numbers at the bottom of the page and on its sides (signalling the position of objects); presence of halftones and grids; random typographic distortions; lines and regular/irregular fillings, etc. Throughout the editorial sequential presentation, one can notice an attempt to emphasize the gradual lack of control, the pervasive mundane logic and the emptiness of the soul.