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    Participation for the Becker Contest '11
Plywood Bike
Participation for the Becker Contest '11
The Wood Bike is a molded wood frame bike, forurban context. The choice of this material to make a frame bike allows a verylight and flexible piece. The thickness of the shape (4,5 cm) gives anexcellent resistance to the structure, but leaves the frame act like a damper.The variation of motion of the saddle is about 3 centimeters which gives a goodcomfort of use. In the mechanical critical areas, some reinforcement parts havebeen designed, generally in carbon fibers, to relieve the wood structure andavoid an overload breaking.
A special spherical rubber part has beendesigned to make the junction between the extremity of the saddle lath and themiddle of the frame. This sphere, fixed by a strong metallic rod helps therepartition of the stress in the frame.
The saddle is fixed on the bike using ametallic tube built-in the frame, during the assembly of the two superior partsof the frame.
This bike is also equipped with standardaccessories to facilitate the integration of this ecological kind of transport(Lights, turn signals). Some other parts, like the CVP (continuously variableplanetary) transmission, the transmission belt, the suspension fork and thedisk brakes have been chosen to increase a comfort and facility of use.

Images realized with 3d Studio Max,Vray and photoshop. The mechanical study was developed with Solidworks.