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    Concept for a visual identity
Syntrus identity concept
For Koeweiden Postma (KP)
Syntrus - the pension devision of Dutch insurance company Achmea - asked KP to develop a new visual corporate identity. The company has three main activities - pension administration, asset management and real estate development - each with quite different corporate cultures and stakeholders. The challenge was to develop a style and logo that would do justice to all of them.
The proposed look & feel and logo below are businesslike but not cold, stylish but not distant. They leave room for the humane side of the company - pensions - and for the business side - developing and operating real estate.
What all three activities have in common are numbers and calculations. Numbers generally stand for coldhearted and impersonal, but here their meaning is reversed into the opposite by creating an almost joyful fabric with them that can be added to any company touchpoint - either in a subtle or in a more explicit way.