Paramount Pictures approached me to create an original artwork for the new TMNT movie, part of the campaign "Legend of the Yokai", an exhibition that explores the mythical origins of the characters. I picked Leonardo, which was related to the concept of Honour.
My proposal was to create a poster of Leonardo captured in the middle of a battle, with indications of hard effort, strength and a real warrior pose. I included reminiscences of Japanese traditional art from the Edo period, and added some mystical touch with the relationship between the moon, the energy around Leonardo, and the blue color of the fabrics and stripes.
It has been an exciting project, since a little kid I've always been a fan of the TMNT and I draw the characters many times in my life, so it's kind of a bizarre thing that many years later an opportunity like this knocked to my door... (!)
Hope you like the outcome, thanks for watching!
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