Down Memory Lane Photo Competition
Art Direction / Graphic Design: Christian Casimir Teo
Editor: Yap Chen Xi
Copywriter: Christian Casimir Teo

A photo-illustrative poster conceptualized for the promotion of a Photo-Caption competition. The poster is targeted at senior soldiers who have finished their National Service and are now being invited back to the Squadron to commemorate Its 30th anniversary. The commemoration consists of a string of events that eventually end with a Dinner and Dance.

The nostalgic Art Direction, Copy and theme were created as such to bring back fond memories in veterans and more senior soldiers, inspiring them to participate in a competition that would eventually see the participants and their fellow National Service Mates reuniting for a Dinner and Dance.
Blackhole Designworks Logo
Logo Design for Blackhole Designworks, a Moniker I use for personal projects involving apparel.

The use of a blackhole is a metaphor for my approach to creative styles, inspiration and design philosophy. I believe that a great creative idea may be pulled, and generated from any given source with the right direction and interest in its being on our planet. I love discovering new things about the world around me, and I never hesitate to pull anything from it to help me with my work. Like a blackhole, my thirst for inspiration can perhaps be said to be insatiable.
Art Direction / Graphic Design: Christian Casimir Teo

A T-shirt Design concept generated for Blackhole Designworks (A Moniker for my personal projects).