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    This is a partner project by Rose Wu and Nandini 'Nanz' Nair.
Asian Language Retention
Reverse Brief
This document addresses the social issue of language attrition within New Zealand’s Asian community. Language attrition is the increasing loss in the ability to speak ones mother tongue. 

The main concept encompasses the idea of the ‘heirloom’ – a treasured family object passed down from one generation to the next. Language is integral to cultural identity, which makes it something to be treasured. The sacredness of this knowledge is conveyed through the structural aspect of the design, which is influenced by the traditional Asian scroll. This is also informed by the black print on off-white textured stock, which is reminiscent of the black ink used in traditional scriptures. 
The circle is used as a repetitive graphic element because it is a common motif used in the visual aesthetic of most Asian cultures (mandala, bindi, yin and yang). The organic layout of the circles is indicative of the ‘flow of conversation’, which relates to speech and dialogue. 
The beauty of Asian script informed the design decision to use written characters as image, representing the beauty of language. The diversity of Asian languages is shown through the medley of Chinese, Sanskrit, Korean and Japanese scripts used. The largest Asian communities of New Zealand are represented through the predominant use of Chinese and Indian scripts. The mother and child icon that appears throughout the document is a mini-narrative that demonstrates the desired response. The aim of this document is to highlight the social issue of the declining language retention among Asian communities in New Zealand. It is the prelude to a design solution that will facilitate language retention in order to maintain the linguistic and cultural diversity of New Zealand.
A reverse brief comprising of clients, target audiences, a message, client and audience motivation and desired response. The technical constraints of the brief limit the use of colour to black and white, and the document size to A3 format.