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    This project is made for the T-Splines 2011 Design Contest ''Make The World A Better Place''
             This project of mine is for the T-Splines Design Contest 2011 ''MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE''.
             The model of thiscruise ship is an unconventional one like no other. The idea is shaped in my mindby avoiding our usual aspects about yachts. It is tend to be an enormouscruising gigayacht on our seas.
            The proportions are; 140 meter underwaterand 170 meter overall length, 80 meter wide and 50 meter of high from the sealevel.
            During the sketchings of this cruiseship design I come up with an idea of; what if I allow the observers in their suitsto experience a panoramic view of a beautiful scenery of the sea at thevertical structure. Also what if I make a transparent ground and a transparentpool at the top, so that the observers can feel like they walk or swim at thesky.
              Although the amount of the frictions on the underwater surfaces, the design is intended to give the observers an unconventional experience with the scenery of itself..