The Creativist is my response to the 2014 ISTD student brief — Protest! The open brief required us to visualise a form of protest. The issue I decided to protest was creativity in education. This project began as a protest against the current education system, and evolved into a movement entitled ‘The Creativists’. The Creativists believe in self-efficacy, creativity and innovation. The outcome of this project was based around the dissemination of the message.

The Creativist is a quarterly newspaper produced by The Creativist Movement. They encourage and promote creativity in life. Issue No.1 — Spring, 2014 deals with the perception of creativity that is inherited from the current education system. It intends to educate and attempt to change perceptions of humanity's innate creative capacity. It is accompanied by an online web presence and motion stings to propagate the message digitally. Through this project I was awarded membership to ISTD.

To view the full newspaper in PDF format visit — The Creativist @ The Newsagent