Coursework, in which the goal was to create a business concept and a complete corporate design & identity for it. In our continually changing world, is something as lasting as a tattoo still up-to-date? flink offers temporary tattoos, but not just in an ugly webshop with boring, clichéd "trampstamp" motives. Instead, we offer a modern studio with talented artists to present temporary tattoos in a fun, creative and professional way.
coursework in 2011 with Simon Lindenthaler und Desireé Willhelm

flink's playful logo reflects the themes of creativity and individuality without sacrificing a sleek, modern look. The handwritten typography is found throughout the entire corporate design as a result. The blue/purple gradient in the background of the logo, as well as the subtle skin texture is supposed to form an association to tattoos and ink in the viewer's mind.

the business card represents they way we work. its perforated and folded twice and there is the possibility to use the first part of it as a stencil.

SPECIAL ENVELOPE for special occasions
through the embossed lettering you can spot the inside of the envelope, which is the backside of the paper. There is always a different design on the backside of the paper, so that every letter is unique.
The concept of all the advertisement motives was to show portraits following certain clichés, and then turn them around by adding a tattoo uncharacteristic of the cliché - a butcher sporting "Go Vegan" or a nun with the AC/DC logo on her head, illustrating the same message (you can be someone different).
stick-on tattoos with logo on the back packed up in air cushion foil.
a guy full-body inked with flexible tattoos is running around the streets leaving messages and the flink logo all over different public places.

The folder was aimed at people who wanted more in-depth information, as well as businesses interested in using temporary tattoos for various purposes. The folder shows the same person styled differently three times - and most importantly wearing different tattoos each time. The message: Flexible tattoos allow you to be someone completely different.

A presentation of the entire project. View Portfolio (15MB PDF)

A DVD containing the files of the project.