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Art Gallery
Novi Sad
Thetask on this project was to create art shop that could occasionally hosttravelling or temporary exhibitions. The location assumed for the gallery buildingis the street Laze Teleckog that is situated in the centre of Novi Sad andrepresents one of the busiest streets of the city. The street contains a numberof cafés, restaurants, shops and it is a meeting point of people from Novi Sadand visitors of Novi Sad. The plot is fenced, of oval shape and has an entrancefrom two streets of narrow transversal profile, and it was attempted to use itas an advantage at constructing of the building. Availability, views and socialmeaning were the main elements of the strategy in designing the building. Thespace was designed as flexible, according to the principles of open plan, as itcould be adjusted to the needs of use. The building was three- floor, where theexhibition space on the ground floor was primarily intended for travelling andtemporary exhibitions, whereas the space on other floors was intended for acommercial gallery.
During designing the building theemphasis was on using the primary morphological elements of architecture, withreference to their dialectics. Eight elements of one dialect of architectureabout which Ranko Radovic writes and which are analyzed in this project are:content-form, local- and international, variability-persistency, scientific-artistic, traditional- trendy, outside-inside, city level-house level,bearer-born.
Compositionally the building consists ofthree vertical cores around which horizontal plates are formed. Functionallythe building consists of an exhibition part, an administrative part and a partwith technical rooms. Constructive system of the building is the steel skeleton.From materials concrete, plaster and glass dominate in the interior, whilstmultilayer glass façade in the exterior.