‘Claire Hand’ the new team scope free font
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    Free team scope font 'Claire Hand'
‘Claire Hand’ the new team scope free font
What does your handwriting say about you? Having a strong brand is all about making your mark on the minds of your customers – and having a ‘signature’ font can give them a great insight into your brand’s personality.

Every aspect of branding is important, from choosing your brand colour to designing the perfect logo – but when it comes to letting the world know that you’re you, there’s nothing quite like having an entire font that’s uniquely yours. The newly created team scope font ‘Claire Hand’ is fun, bold and friendly, and its ‘handwritten’ style represents our commitment to creative spontaneity (you know how the best ideas get scribbled down on a napkin?). Because we’re serious design tragics, we even created each letter in two different weights so it’s even more individual.

But we’re not just doing this for ourselves – so far, we’ve created fonts for rt, AliceInspiring Journeys (the ‘J’ alone went through 20 revisions before we crafted the perfect version) and minc, where every letter was specially curved to match the logo. Each new font passes through a painstaking design process, to ensure that it perfectly expresses the brand identity, and distinctively represents one business and one business only.

If you don’t yet have a font of your own, we’re offering you ours as a free download for private use (or a small fee for commercial use), so you can have a taste of the team scope experience and see what it feels like to use a style you can’t get anywhere else. While you’re enjoying it, have a think: what would you want your font to say about your business?

Download Claire Hand here