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Mercat de les Flors – Dance House is a public centre for performing arts that hosts, disseminates and promotes projects involving dance, the body and movement in all their diverse forms in contemporary creation. We were commissioned to redesign the visual identity of Cèl·lula (cell, in catalan), the institution’s dance company.

Or solution is a cell-like, abstract pattern that will be used in all their shows. Each production will have its own color combination, systhematising the company’s identity while giving character to each project.

Cèl·lula n.4

Created by Núria Guiu and Ingri Fiksdal, Supermedium features eight female dancers channeling movements and dances that invoke a singularity crossed by a common past and present. We designed the campaign and collaborated with photographer Anna Huix for the team portraits. Rehearsal photography by Tristán Pérez-Martín.

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