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Ancient Brewery Brand Design

Brewery Brand Design and Illustration Project by DTM
livestream and process breakdown HERE 
Image Background by Adobe Firefly and Can Mockup by Adobe Stock Images
Brand Design and Beer Can Art Project

The challenge is to create a full brand experience with a series of beers ready to go.
Moodboard and rough sketch logo
Beer Can Designs - Heru's Elixir design featuring Egyptian God Heru the Hawk, Flower Garden design featuring Xochiquetzal Aztec Goddess and Tezca's Brew design featuring Aztec God Tezcatlipoca. 
Clean sketches in Adobe Fresco. download the PSD sketches and add your own touches in Photoshop or Fresco!
Xochtli's Garden Beer Design from sketch on Adobe Fresco to Adobe Illustrator.
A look at the final art piece for Xochtli's Garden Beer Design
Xochiquetzal is the Aztec goddess of love, flowers and arts. 
A look at the final art piece for Heru's Exlixir Beer Design
Heru is the Egyptian god of kingship, healing, protection, the sun, and the sky.
A look at the final art piece for Tezcatlipoca's Brew Beer Design
Tezcatlipoca, Aztec god of the Great Bear constellation and of the night.
Branding and Marketing Assets
Delivery Trucks, Tanker, Billboards, Stickers and Coasters
Photo Credits: Adobe Stock
Marketing Design with Adobe Express
Ancient Brewery Brand Design