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Redesign: Chelsea FC Logo
My current Project is to redesign Football Logos of famous clubs around the world. Today i'm gonna show you my take on the Logo of Londons Chelsea Football Club.

Football/Soccer brings out the best and the worst in us. Most people are passionate about it and things get emotional real quick. I know the tradition of your club is important to you and i don't mean to offend anybody with these Logos. This is just me testing myself what i can come up with - I am not pitching these logos to clubs nor is there any intention that these logos will ever be used by anybody (unless someone contacts me about it of course which would be very cool). I also try to do my best when it comes to research about club tradition and logos. This is just a personal project and no serious attempt to change the look of your team!
This is Chelseas current Logo:
This is what i came up with:
And this is what I came up with:
So let's take a look at the different components and why they ended up being used like this. For this project I researched the Logos Chelsea has used in the past and the meaning of the symbols that were used.
i changed up the color scheme to something a bit more modern. To me the color combination of the original logo just looks a bit outdated, so i slightly adjusted the colors without going too far away from the original.

What i used:
What Chelsea has used in their current logo:
The lion was first used on a Chelsea Badge in 1953. It was almost the same lion that they have in their logo today. I know this won't make me any friends but i wanted my take on the lion to be as far away from the lion England has in their National Team Jerseys as possible. I didn't want to use the lion to illustrate that they're from England (which was the original intention back then). Instead I wanted it to say Fighting Spirit, that's why it's rather mean looking and has red eyes. For the Logo they used from 1986 to 2003 they used a bit of a more realistic looking lion (although imho it looked awful) with a two color light/shadow scheme, which i also used, except for the red eye. I had another version were it was showing its teeth but somehow felt like it was too aggressive for an international brand like Chelsea and would make it less marketable.
Official Chelsea Logo (1953-1986)
Official Chelsea Logo (1986-2003)
Detailed Lion from my version:
In 1952 Chelsea used a Monogram as their temporary Logo while the new Logo was being created. Although it was just used for one year, I still chose to include one as that year was very important with Ted Drake taking over as a Manager and making everything more professional. If it wasn't for him, Chelseas nickname wouldn't be "The Blues" but "The Pensioners". Seriously, I'm not kidding. I kept the construction of the monogram but simplified it. In my first version it also had some pretty details but i felt like there was already going on too much with the detailed lion and the ornamental border so i kept it as simple as possible.
Temporary Chelsea Badge in 1952:
My take on the Monogram:

Did you know that the flower on the Chelsea FC Logo is supposed to be a rose? I never knew until i researched this. Roses apparently represent England, which i didn't know before either (I'm german). It was also first featured in the Logo they had from 1953 until 1986.
To be honest i am not sure if the petals pass as a rose. I also experimented with other petal styles that were more roselike and also tried rose-twigs and thorns as border, but  visually i simply liked this the most. Also i don't think you could tell that the flowers in the older badges were supposed to be roses, so i thought it i could get away with it.
The flower in Chelseas current Logo:
How I worked it into the design:
Alternate Borders that didn't end up being used:

I'm not sure if the inspiration for this has ever been an official Logo or just a stylized updated version of the 1953 Badge that's floating around the web (If you know, please let me know in the comments!). But this is the Logo that inspired me to the ornamental border: 
To be more specific, I wanted to somehow recycle these elements:
I'm not even sure if they are supposed to be the fold of the banners touching in this position, which was the case in the 1953 design, if they are supposed to be decorative or if they should illustrate something (like birds for example). 
So that's what i ended up with when i tried to find use for them:

Chelsea featured gaelic style footballs in their past logos and also has two of them in the current badge. At first i was also going to incorporate one into my artwork, but then felt that the gaelic style ball just doesn't represent Soccer anymore and is more associated with Volleyball... so i changed it to a modern 32 pattern Football:
Once again the final logo:
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Redesign: Chelsea FC Logo

Redesign: Chelsea FC Logo

THIS IS MY SHOT! A Personal Project where I redesign Logos of famous soccer clubs!
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