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Portraits of Life
A  T O U CH  OF  H U M O R
In honor of all the little light things we forget to stop and see.
With all the fear campaigns set forth. I felt it necessary to stop, turn off the Television, grab my camera and toss my prozac away to get back in touch with the more basic thinkg we the people of the globe need to get back intouch. Humanity and its quirky joys of life.  Just maybe the fight for owership and controle of money and people wellfare will be dropped when compared to a little touch of humor, and equality and brother/sisterhood will survive. I do you you enjoy.  

Nose hair can hurt during the private pasionate moments.
What a guy will do to get lucky on a first date.
Sometimes you can loose your head trying to communicate without the proper skills. She's into reality television and he is into sports.
This is what happens when you don't use face book. Booty book is in the hood
We don't need setty. With all the television shows drifting out in deep space. It's no wonder that 'Alien Sex in the City is big.Soon there will be a sex  on planet east show but in their language so they can figure what goes into to what. 
She just got hit one. Can you blame her. She got "LUCK".
Playing pool and calling the right pocket helps.
Alright assume the position darlin'. The NYPD is always looking for a few good men to work under ground,  IN New York anything goes if you are the Authority.  
Yes its true New Yorkers from Long Island at some time visit Florida . They buy pet baby gators. Before the owner becomes a possible lunch from the fast food they feed these gators. They take their pet gator in a purse to an expensive restaurant  in New York City and flush. Down goes the baby gator a little longer than a foot.

Months labor the gator becomes the top predator in the New York City Sewage system.

This gator got trapped and was waiting for Animal control to resolve the problem. Working for the City Sewers can be dangerious underground. 
Did you know that most answeres can be solved with the bible without have a war to feed the one percent that feed on humans for additional wealth.
You Are Nothing But A Title.

Is that all there is?  If you think about  whom the republicans serve you might change your party card should you not be the one percent.  Today political belief is only a scam. what matters is who really runs the economy in free business. and for whom does it serve. If a janitor pays more than a millionaire in taxes and banks can pocket money for themselves and call it profit.Have you ever what percentage of the American population gets that money. Realize one thing and you might do the right thing. It's not about race, creed, or color in America. It's about the one percent  and the companies they  invest in that rule and profit.  If you are not in that One percent Bracket then you are a looser.

I f you think you are fortunate as a secure middle class individual fighting for your future. Understand the One percent pages the lobbyist to have congress and the senate to change the laws in their favor. In doing so and if need be they take away your title perks and you become the new working poor.

So remember what you see yourself as is only a title , and in time it will be taken away and given away to the next unexacting fool working his or her way up the ladder to success. 
With all the jobs in America goind overseas so investors can make  even more money. This once highly paid  six figured bird found his nitch wiggeling a sign till he's loopy. The life of a free range chicken has its possibilities with the Tea Party.
Après avoir réglé l'affaire, BUt theAprès avoir réglé l'affaire, BUt then the Elephant wanted another turn without the ball black guy. Her somment was this might take some time don't wait up. 
Greg Johnson a boy from the Agra world finally got to New York City. Passing a building he relized he needed the "head". Apon asking he entered the LBGT seeing the head. Never sk any New Yorker. Just go to a reasturant. Life will be so much easier. 
He got the tumbs up. He's taking her home. Blonds can pull anything off behind a good stiff drink and voice coaching..
Portraits of Life

Portraits of Life

With all the fear campaigns set forth. I felt it necessary to stop, turn off the Television, grab my camera and toss my prozac away to get back i Read More

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